When Things Have Grown to a Greater Height

Is the current social system in a collision course with an ice burg? Who will suffer the most, if it is - the lower class or the upper class? Are we really building a better community?

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Watch her do the cobra!

Natália Guimarães ♥
When elegance suddenly fails.
Kung pwede lang sanang sabihin sayo, na ako na lang ang mahalin mo.

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When Things Have Grown to a Certain Height

The early men took caves as their refuge whenever storms would strike the land, ate raw foods to sustain their vegetation, wander around with little clothing but never saw it as something malicious and would fire malicious intent and most importantly, they lived a very ordinary yet satisfying life.

Now, try to imagine doing those things in the age of high-end fashions, in the age where people are torn between the past and future, in the age where the internet has indoctrinated our minds that some things are nothing but accessible, in the age where we have little knowledge of what is wrong and right that confuses us as to where our moral judgement would incline us to favor. Of course, when all these have come in to the picture, you’d rather not think of it and stick with the status quo. However, what we failed to understand is we live in a system; a system that has consequently failed to understand the damage it has brought to the environment and humanity as a whole. The system, much like any individual who is afaced with a dilemma, would rather not mind the damage because all it has in mind is moving forward.

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In order to fully transform, we might need to free ourselves with everything we’ve been holding on to to send us to our new path.

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